Sunday, January 1, 2017

The Doors!

It's the first of January 2017, the hangover is taking it's toll and everything's still. The mild grey wet weather slowly turns cold and grey. The Salt Slush team members has got, or recovers from, the winter flu. Mega Melancholy?

No, luckily the workshop is warm, bright and comfortable and full of projects that are howling your name to get attention. Here are some examples. 
The Amazon Land speed racer needs new windows that stay flush with the body. All in order to keep the drag coefficient as low as possible and make the body smooth as a shark as it travels like a bullet through the dessert. Magnus has proven his sheet metal skill and finished all window frames. Looks really good! Pictured; Drivers door.
Rear door with new window frame.
Turbo conversion on-going. The new exhaust manifold is on the operating table. Temperature and pressure sensors is being applied. Anders is getting quicker and quicker...
Literally in another corner of the workshop Carina has installed and tested her new favorite machine. The small parts washing machine. Life's getting better and parts cleaner.
What the this? It's just a garden decoration that is resting after being repaired.

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