Thursday, January 5, 2017

The Devil, The Details and The Eternal Heat

We'll want to paint The Big Picture and we'll know that a short (but impressive) show off often make a big impact. But we know as well, that we have to master all the details to come to The Closure. At least if we're ever to reach the ever lasting harmony of some unknown kind. What I mean? Hang on, I'll try to explain.
 We've made The New 6-1 exhaust manifold that we really need. It's ready to perform. The heat? The Fever? That we need to know, as we'll force our way through The El Mirage dessert. Temperature before turbine is an essential factor. Temperature in each pipe is nice to know. Anders is trying to straightened it all out. But he's in bad company. A kind of company that your mother warned you about. He's all alone with The Details.
Beelzebub, The Devil, Satan, here captured by Anders as he's getting ready to mill off the evil edge and make the sensor tailored boss fit to the exhaust pipe. Good prevails. 
Me and The Drain. The oil drain. It had to be modified to fit the EFR 9180 turbo, the device that will put an end to (almost) all our earthly problems and give us real power. There's no room for any evil forces in this detail. Too slippy....
But what is this? The Eternal Fire pictured? No, no, it's just a normal Paul Bocuse garage stove/oven which Petter, The Devine, has equipped with a Wok pan. 
A blessing?
No, it's just there to keep us all warm and happy while the cold wind blowing is-a-blowing outside.

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