Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Have a nice evening!

You've all heard the phrase over and over again, but how to have a nice evening? An evening that revitalize you soul and make you sleep well at night. Look at TV? Facebook? Go to the Gym? To us that sound like having an evening, but not necessarily a nice one.
Well, at least we've found our way to relax. Go to the garage of your choice and create, innovate and socialize.
Socialize, there's always some nice people coming by.
Do as Magnus, buy an really old machine and create new spare parts in other old machines. Refreshing and rewarding. When it works. Eventually.
Or do as Anders, check how well the Moon hubcaps keeps the Amazon Landspeed racer together.
If nothing else, wake up an old (German) Triumph motorbike from its sleeping beauty slumber. Exiting and as well a good exercise too.

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