Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday morning progress.

Friday, with its need for stress relief is long gone. The socially busy Saturday has served its purpose. Today its Sunday and there's no stress no more, the alcohol has evaporate and the mind is focused again. We're sipping coffee dreaming about speed and as usually, tooling our way forward towards our goal and this makes us all feel fine.
Here's the evil poisonous Amazon nose as of today.
Yes, we'll make a holes for the air. Don't worry.
Anders production approach to manufacturing of windows pays off. We're productive. 
Here's the close-up.
But what the fuck is this? No worries, it's only Tapio who's using Anders new lathe to produce a gigantic wood hammer. Wood in a metal lathe? Unorthodox? Yes! But it works perfectly and nobody died, which was a good thing.

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