Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hiding from the Nordic light!

When birds sings as the sun raises and the light hurt your head as you wake up Sunday morning, you know that the spring has reached your area. At this stage there's only two alternatives. Buy some cheap sunglasses or head directly to a garage of your convenience. We choose our own workshop since we have a task and that is to reach Elmia (A Show) and El Mirage (A Dessert) this year.
Sealed deal. All windows in place and minmal drag. Well, almost all windows...
...while I finished some windows Anders and Kalle was working with The Window.
Obviously we were wrong. The Speed God hear our prayers. Tobbe, a friend and chassi expert came by. We try understand what he's saying. No, he's not telling fishing stories, he's more in to stuff like camber and caster.
Meanwhile in another part of the workshop we found others that were hiding from the sun. One of them was Ragnar. He was making an advanced brake cylinder adapter while avoiding a sun tan.  
Here's Cina while making a paper mock-up for a trunk carpet saver.
And here's the result in rubber. Fits like a glove. Yes, she was proud over the result and yes, she's now ready to transport garden stuff and old car parts.

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