Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Stay on the line!

When you've built an engine, you can measure the power and torque, you get a result, and you'll either celebrate or get somewhat depressed. Simple as that. Well, almost as simple as that....if the engine blow up there will be a deeper sadness in the air.
Actually, the same goes for the whole powertrain. If it works, it works, at least for a while. But how about the chassi?  How can we know that the chassi will work properly and give us confidence at +200mph (320km/h) on salt and dirt?
The awful truth is that we will not know for sure until we've tested the car on the track. But we need to understand the basics, so we called in Tobias Erson, a chassi expert.
A lecture is good, but the ignorant Salt Slush team needed something else....
...and that is facts and figures. With Tobias help we were able to understand and tune our front end with simple car guys type of method.  The result: Some adjustable Uni-balls from ebay and we're one step further. 
Anders in contemplation mode. Positive is negative, therefore we'll go for neutral. After all, we're Swedish...
In addition we've learned that we should make the rear end stiffer and lift the chassi 10-20mm.
So, are we sure about the stability and controllability at high speeds? Nope, we're more confident than when we started and that's not always the case. A good evening.

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