Saturday, March 18, 2017

Windows of opportunity.

When something is accomplished there's a moment for celebration. It's always short and limited and it should stay that way. Because most of us want to move on to new challenges that makes our soul and mind stronger, while it satisfies our needs. Besides, here the situation. Our painter, Frank, has gone fishing in Florida. Meanwhile, we're working with creating the transparant surface that will protect us from wind and salt, through which we'll see heaven, salt and sun. We call it windows.
Two out of of seven ain't bad.
The backdoor window soon to appear on a high speed tailgate
After a social visit to Annika Wangnick's garage, we're back in the Salt Slush Speed Shop and we're working as if there was no tomorrow. Kalle as he's removing the material that prevents a sheet of transparant plastic to become a window for the Salt Speed Amazon.
When I was ready with the basic form I tuned this 2D shape in to a window.
Meanwhile, Magnus silently was doing good deed ordering stuff like fire extinguisher, parachutes and similar stuff that could make us stay alive.
But what's this? No worries, it's only Carina just after she got a delivery confirmation from an old lawnmower shop in UK. Message: Parts for the old Suffolk lawn mower engine is on its way from England.

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