Sunday, March 5, 2017

Working Man Blues!

The Salt Slush Racing team members are always busy with something and we like it that way. It's the pace of life and it keeps you happy and in shape. Well, at least to some extent. Right now we have several deadlines coming up which means that we've adjusted to work around the clock while celebrating each victory modestly.  

The race is against time is on...
 Working Man Blues to capture the feeling.
The Amazon was hanging high as we're healing all traces from many years in the Swedish winter salt slush. Kalle and I kept on welding.
Anders has been working night and day with the holes in the hood. Now it looks good. Surprisingly good.
Carina, the Salt Slush CFO, was meanwhile practicing her type of Yoga. Suffolk Lawn mower engine overhaul.
Kalle is making the window frame ready for paint.
No more wipers. We're going to desserts and the blistering sun (unheard of in Gothenburg)
Our Amazon is jacked up and still in need of support...
What's this? Honey on rye bread? Nope. It's a part of Anders roof reinforcement strategy.
And yes, it all works perfectly. The roof is getting more and more ridgid.

And we keep on working....because now we're ready to get ready.

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