Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Last time naked ! The Amazon is getting paint!

We're now in the making and closing hole business. Yet we spend some time in the bending flat surfaces and straighten out bent surfaces as well.  Here's the story.

Frank the Man, our reliable painter came in to our workshop and delivered a deadline. It was like a medicine, bitter but good for you in the end. The only problem is that we're not in the end of the story yet. Rather in the middle of the mess. The controlled mess.

Why not start up the work with closing some holes?
Anders in modifying mode, removing traces of hinges.

In moments like this, concentration is good. It means you can have all your fingers available for the next step. Which is a good thing.

Another hole that we have no use for anymore. At least not in this position.
So, I closed it. Once and for all.
So, what's next? Maybe making holes?

We have to put it mildly, discussed this move for some time. We've had fear. It has kept us awake at night. But now it was time. At some point in time, Magnus, Anders and I went wild and just started to measure, cut and bend. Magnus pictured in a shivering bending sheet metal moment.

Holes in the hood in place. Heat from the radiators are now free to flow through the hood. Ain't she sweet? Our Amazon.
Last pictured naked and assembled.

Before you can make a hole, you need to close the old one. Those were Magnus wise word. Seem to be words of good advise, since we now have a sealed front ready for air inlets and coolant ducting.
Milestone: No door, no fenders and no hood assembled anymore...
...because all parts are waiting for trip with Anders Hemi RAM before they all meet... 
The painter, Frank (left in picture) from Universalteknik, in Gothenburg is here once again confronted with our decisions anxiety regarding colors. But now we've made up our mind.

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