Saturday, April 1, 2017

Take a deep breath, work hard and keep focus on dreams.

As Friday becomes Saturday and clouds disappear, you normally stand up wide awake with a mild hangover, energized, ready to meet your friends. You want to make things happens and you feel at ease. But when you're approaching a deadline a new mindset is needed and since we will present our Land Speed Racer at the Bilsport performance & custom motor show 2017 and run a first test drive at EL Mirage in US September 10th, hard work and determination is now needed. No more fool around. That's where we are right now. Well, almost.

Magnus's hybrid moment. Through his celebration of craftsmanship high air velocity will flow and keep things cool. 
It takes two to tango. Magnus makes the second one.
Sealed. All windows in place.
Another type of deadline. The lawn is growing and Carina's Suffolk Punch is not ready. That's why she's eager.... tear up the package from England (received before Brexit strikes)...
...and assemble this towering unit with new piston and gaskets.

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