Friday, April 28, 2017

Who can stop The Fire? Should we?

Not only a coin has two sides, there're as well at least two types of fires. It's complicated, since one of the above should be extinguished and the other encouraged.

To be more precise we're talking about Safety and keeping things cool and on the contrary keep the Internal fire burning. Right now we're fighting against both. Confused?

Let me explain.
Safety: We're not intending to go up in smoke. Yet. So we bought a couple of these and we're ready to install them now in our Land Speed Racer (The Amazon)

Then there's the internal fire. This should be strong and kept alive. Because this can keep us all safe and sound and blessed from Golf and similar stuff. Below are two examples showing how we ourselves are looking for cures and we're taking our medicin each day.

A fast supercharged car that howls
Speed, Dream, Concentration and sunshine.

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