Monday, May 1, 2017

Working hard on Labour Day!

Did we get it all wrong? Have we misunderstood something essential about first of May? We still don't know for sure. The only thing we know is that spring has reached Gothenburg, the sun was shining furiously and we had 3 days off. We also know that our Landspeed Racer need to get to a high speed track before we send it to US of A. Nighttime pleasure is ok, but daytime means working. Besides, we've learned that D-Vitamin works as a substitute for a sun tan. side tracks? Only deadlines?

No rule without exceptions part 1. Magnus bought a ASEA drill press from the -40 ties which were in need of some Tender & Love & Care and especially during spring relationship is important. Machine love should not be neglected.
part 2: Anders felt the urge to take his little red Corvette for a spin. To the workshop only of course since duty calls loudly.
After some time we stopped fouling around and got back to the topic and created a new TODO list.
Paper on a surface of sheet metal. What this got to do with The Task?
Paper transformed to metal, sealing off the driver compartment from salt and dirt. Looks good, feels good. 
Anders, in manufacturing mode. When welding's break and sheet metal is fighting back with full power, Anders turn into a No nonsense man. He's not turning green, but know what I mean.
Next backfire. We ordered right threaded Uni ball tie rods from UK, but it arrived left threaded. Because we opened the package first of may?
New Tie rods (right threaded) ordered. Meanwhile I started to fabricate new bolts...
As usually good friends showed up and give us advises. Here's Ola Gruvsäter's drawing of a chassi on-track measuring device. We like it. Let's do it!
We need some additional ground clearance and Magnus is on the topic. An additional spring shim is soon to be fabricated. Using a nylon cutting board with suitable thickness? Investigation on-going. 
The finally, the Sun was spreading its rays over Ringön, over cars and bike..., Car guys and Car girls, unit, to keep the power flowing...
...engine howling and chrome shining.

That's all folks. Time to rest.

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