Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nice evening at PRD Motorsport talking about Magnuson Superchargers!

No, we have not forgotten our Land Speed racer. We're still working hard to get our stuff together and move in to a world of Speed, Desserts and Sun.

But the Salt Slush Team like other things too and those should not be neglected. Like Magnuson Superchargers. We've also learned that there are more Gearheads that really appreciate Power. Like the Corvette Club Sweden West.
So we went to PRD Motorsport, our Performance partner in Gothenburg, who opened up the doors to their workshop and chassi dyno. After the coffee was served more than 20 enthusiasts talked small block, LS engines and Boost! Good subjects.
A nice table object. This is the Magnuson Supercharger layout for LS1 and LS2  (and LS3) engines. For those who wants a more compact supercharger the Magnuson Heartbeat is there for you. Heartbeat is available for LS3 engine.
Before we start up the engine, let's talk about various boosting devices and how they work. Just to get going.
To gather around a vehicle in a test cell get's all of us existed. Mattias from PRD is talking about chassi dynos, how they work and what to expect.
The we turned up the heat and the volume and let the Magnuson Supercharger Heartbeat and the LS3 engine produce a nice power and torque curve.
C3, C5, C6 and C7 showed up in the rain.
 PRD Motorsport took the opportunity to show their more advanced stuff.
Like this exhaust manifold collector CAD designed by PRD and then produced as a rapid prototype in Inconel steel! How about that?  

Gloomy weather, happy cars. Better than this opposite!
550hp always gets attention. It's always a bit magic to hear a howling supercharged V8 at peak power!
Look like this one needs a Supercharger too.
In summary we spent a very nice evening with all Corvette entusiasts at PRD Motorsport. Exactly the kind of atmosphere that Salt Slush like! 

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