Friday, May 12, 2017

Got to break loose! Cause we don't wanna grow up!

There comes a point in time. When it's time to relax while still being up to speed. This  when you're in search for inspiration. No matter starting point this is when it's time to seek the base of creativity as if your were searching for the holy gral. To cut the bullshit and look for those to have something say now when you're able to listen.
We tooled our way to Terräng Axel in Gothenburg. If you cannot appriciate his place and space it's time to look for a shrink.
Anders in meditation mode. Looking for his inner off road man to break free any time soon.
I myself, was just feeling good while stumbling between shelves filled with stress reliving material.
Junk yard  climbing means finding treasures beyond vaults.
Exercises like this makes your mind and body strong. And you get happy too!

Been searching? Well, here it sits. The Fire Engine from Gotham City used by Blix Gordon. Did we get it right? Never mind, just save it now if you can
How about this font? Where did this cartoon feeling go? To Ariel? We don't think so...
Stranded in pure junk yard happiness. At some point in time women and men had to move on, start up all howling engines and get going. To where?
To a place where dreams about speed are shelved properly. That's where.    
Where Big blocks are made out of aluminium and formula 1 cars are resting after somewhat stressful life. Yes, we're still close to Gothenburg in Sweden
Göran felt that is was time for some car guy gym. It all went well. The car is still in good shape.
Back at home it was luckily beer time. And those were cold and we drank as if there was no tomorrow. Almost...

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