Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Details, The Devil and The Doctors.

The strange thing that makes plants grow and peoples mind set on barbecue and beer is now gone. I'm talking about The Sun. Now when we're alone with the gloomy skies again, we're really able to move on with our racer.  Which is good because we have a deadline and a date when we can track test our Landspeed racer. Current focus: the front end.
Let's get down to details. Here's what will enable ride height adjustment and a better front end function. Anders and The TIG makes a different. 
Then the Devil. No it's not Anders we're talking about it's the mean green machine now on wheels  after being updated with new ride height adjusters and uni-balls.
Was the cure sufficient? What's the verdict from the Salt Slush doctors?
It seams like the medicin was good. We're now in neutral or marginal toe-in. Feels good.


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