Sunday, June 25, 2017

Every day is a working day!

Yes, we're working hard every day and every evening to finish our Landspeed racer, but it isn't painful, it's instead rewarding. Because the progress can be seen each day and that makes everyone cheery and in a good mood. And again, to relax a late evening, knowing that we've made several steps forward this day as well is nice. To reflect over a busy day with a cold beer a late summer evening is life when it's good. Especially if you in the background can hear street (turbo) machines, race bikes and muscle cars howling in the summer night.
 The Throne of Speed. Now with head restrictors. 
Doors should be possible to open. As well from the inside. Therefore, Anders made billet lever arm in aluminum.
Kalle, here in pistage green, ensure that our electrical system is transparant and free from dust.
Meanwhile in another part of the workshop, Cina is making elderflower lemonade (sv. fläderblomssaft) because it's season.
Anders has now completed the diffusor. Looks great.
I'm still working on connecting the wheel housings to the front belly pan and sealing of as much as possible. A couple of hours more, than I'm ready....hopefully... 
Magnus is milling his was way forward making bullet proof transport clamps to keep our green beast from moving around in the container. We already that it has a wild soul and tries to break free. Maybe because it's born free...

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