Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fat and Loud

Besides working on the SSR Amazon, I managed to do some work on the C10 and the Roadster.
Summer is here and the need for well working cool cars is obvious.
Loud Music ! 
When riding along in my automobile....and to avoid singing by my self which will scare away people, a music player was needed.
Needed parts laid out on the Camaro Z28 hood, a mix of stuff from different sources !

The Z28 is waiting for a fuel injection. More about that later on.

This is the Retrosound model 2 with radio, USB, Blue tooth, and aux including phone integration. Still looking old, it turned out to be rather good although a little vulnerable due to all adjustments to fit all dash boards.  Håkan has bought one for Carinas Pick-Up Truck called, Little Blue (it's a C20...).
Power is the thing and we need 12 volt. red for positive and 
don't forget a good earth connection.
Amplifier and sub woofer are waiting to find there place, the only missing on the picture are all the cables and those needs to be invisible....which ain´t as easy as it seems.
Nowadays all cables seems to be borrowed from a power station.
Dashboard had to be removed when two center speakers was assembled. Needed? Well,
it was at least a good way to get some good sound pressure.
TADA! The radio fits just fine and together with some more speakers, it'll support a summer feeling.

Does it all work? Does it sound good? Well, when you combine the player with an amplifier, a subwoofer and 6 speaker it's good. Really good. Especially with a 454 big block humming softly in the background.

Fat Meat !

Now over to something else. My roadster. The new tyres came a little too close to the body hence some spacers was needed
Close shave. Not good enough.
2 inch spacers makes a difference
Looks much better !

But I'll get some experience while drive the car. 
Could be that 1,5 inch spacers are a better than the 2 inch that I use right now
Nevertheless, it's time to focus on the Amazon now because the ship is soon sailing and we're not ready yet.


  1. Tjena, orkar du ta en bild på power/high level kontakten till Biltema subben? :) Har tappat min och måste bygga ny.. kopplingsschemat från Biltema kommer man inte långt på och suben säljs inte längre :(