Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tooling Tuesday!

Gothenburg June 27th: The time is running fast and the team is working hard with different tasks. The Speed Shop orders cannot be neglected (customer first!) and the race car needs to be ready for shipping. The insight that there's only 24 hours available per day is not yet clear to all team members. Which helps..
While some were sleeping, Anders were creeping...in to the tubular system inside the Amazon and mounted the two fire extinguishers.
Here they are, mounted on the surface that serves as the border between driver and dust. 
You can't stopp the fire without a hose. Or rather, without and aluminum tube. We have instructions, and yes, we're intending to follow them 100%! 
What's this? It's only Petter, the Professor, who right now in Distributor Dude mode, lucky as he is after make a bargain...

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