Saturday, July 1, 2017

Social Sessions & Reading Rules

Relax, it's summer. Life's is not only about working. Grab a beer, light up a cigarr, pour a coffee. Take it easy....But not for too long. Nope. Keep the restlessness at bay. Work hard and complete dreams and schemes. That will make things come true and a creative mind pleased.
This Thursday our long gone german friend Mario returned. He came with his friend and colleague Mike, who seemed to enjoy the garage event as well. Burger were flipped, beer was sipped, and dreams passed lips.
Thursday eventually became Saturday and friends arrived from everywhere to talk, deliver good stuff and socialize. Was nice, felt good. 
The sun might shine, the Ford -46 Coupe runs fine, but we have a deadline and we're working towards this date, which is two weeks away. Hence, when the team are alone, we keep on working. Now it's all about attaching nozzles here and there. Four of them in the engine bay and two in passenger compartment. 
One here (Close to the turbo)...
...another one here, close to the spark and fuel and so on.
We're reading the rule book as well and therefore we attach the battery with a steel frame.

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