Sunday, July 16, 2017


Our Land Speed Amazon has set sail after years of work in the Salt Slush workshop. It's on it way to L.A. and yes, it was a relief and yes, we're really prepared and exited about the adventure that will follow. But that doesn't matter there's still a vacuum after our green machine left the building. We trying our best to cope with the new situation in various ways. Don't try this at home,  because this is a cay guy type of cure. Not a prescription for Prius types.
Buy something with cowl induction. If you don't know what it is you don't have to worry.
Gather the team and your friends without calling them a summer night outside a workshop of choice. Laugh, tell stories, relax. 
Get back to business. Example: Our business is based on boosting and we really like to provide turbo's and superchargers to those who need power and speed. Drift drivers, Track racers, Drag racers, Tractor pullers, Hot rodders, Muscle cars men, Sports Car builders, Bike tuners... and all other...our task is to support you. 7 days a week.
Grow your garden. It's not only Candide... Hollyhocks (no to be mixed up with Holley's) outside the workshop provides a cozy touch to the industrial grey and resonate just fine with boost, big block and barbecue.

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