Sunday, July 23, 2017

Salt Slush is having vacation while wating for the ship to come in...

What is vacation? Or rather, what is vacation according to Salt Slush Racing? First of all, it means that the Amazon Land Speed racer is on its way to US. 
Secondly, it means that the team has booked flight tickets and is getting ready mentally for the trail run and the race at El Mirage, CA.
On top of it all, it means that we're off from our daily work. But for how long?  Can one day off be enough? Do you have to look for a beach?
No, one day is not sufficient and there's no need for a beach. There's a better way. The Salt Slush way. Take care of your private projects, seek the sun and socialize.
We're going for a weekend with friends in Germany. So, we had to pick up some German V8 cars. As a consequence, Carina, Anders took car change tour to our Car Barn.
Changing of Guards. Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 V8 was replaced with two german V8's. Yes, we had to move the 454 Suburban first.
Picking up the old W116 350 V8 Merc is nice. It's good to meet again. Why? Here's why: Bore: 92mm Stroke:65,8mm. Piston cooling and forged crank, conrods and pistons, Port fuel injection and iron block. That's why. Wouldn't a EFR turbo fit like a glove? Just thinking...
Anders will join the trip to Germany, so he picked up his 450 SLC. Here's Carina and Anders while celebration that the 150 km drive from the barn, where the two Merc's has been sitting for a couple of years, went just fine. 
Summertime can be stressful too. All cars needs be running. Our Ford -46 now serves a daily driver when the sun is shining. 
Night time is the right time to take in smooth shapes. Especially with the support from a moon shining. A peaceful moment. 
Ander's parallell vacation projects. Keeps him from getting bored. 
You can't stop fabricating just like that. If you've been doing it a lot, you'll have to ramp down slowly in order to not fall in to severe abstinence. Magnus is safe, because he has a nailhead powered early man dragster to work with. (After he completed a successful day in the sun with his Model A hot rod on the strip)
We have customers with a crave for boost and summer time is the right time for them too. We're there to support them 7 days a week. Talk turbos and suggest superchargers while deliver in style.That's relaxing as well. Feels good to be able to contribute to power.
My old Beemer Bobber needs to pass Swedish inspection this year and now it's ready to meet the Judge. After that we can fly, free as a as a shark....with the blue sky above the asphalt.

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