Monday, July 3, 2017

This ain't no test assembly...

We're now in the final assembly phase. No more redesign, no more fabrication. That's at least what we state over and over again. Then we read the SCTA rule, what do learn by reading this book? What's the consequence of this education?
The answer is: new brackets needs to be fabricated as we add new safety functions.
Fabrication complete. All screws in place, the inner fenders, belly pan, the front all is now in place and tightly connected. Solid and rigid as a rock. Feels good!
Front view with hollow eyes.  
From another angle.
In the back the furious fabrication continues fiercely under the motto; Make brackets not War. The purpose of the picture? To show the wire attached to the electric emergency switch. 
This is where the wire ends. The external emergency electrical on-off switch. 
No exhaust fumes in the driver compartment. Hence a heat resistant sealing on the door exhaust tunnel. Never heard about an door exhaust tunnel? Don't worry, there's a first time for everything.

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