Saturday, August 5, 2017

How did it all began? We're at A Bombers Old Style Weekend in the search for the Holy Graal.

Hot rodding is the base. The base for speed need no matter age. It's the base for creative dreams and the base for motorsports. Tune it yourself and go to the track to go fast. Simple as that. 
When you're contemporary and tuning a Supra of choice, building a Bad ass Beemer with a too big turbo or making your modern US or German V8 happier with a Magnuson Supercharger, you're at the roots hot rodding. Think, engineer and go fast. That's what it's all about and we really like it.
Salt Slush Racing has, in true hot rod fashion, built a Land Speed Racer based on an 50year old Volvo Amazon to which we've added a Volvo 6 cylinder and turbocharged it to 750hp. It's now heading it's way to El Mirage in California, US.  
While being in waiting mode, we're seek racing roots, how it all began. And we know where to look for these roots since we've been lucky with this went to A-Bombers Old Style Weekend. Here's some pictures from the hill race.
Keep it simple. Low weight. Tuned engine.
Compromise comfort. Necessities only.
Same goes for bikes. Remove stuff that makes you slow.   
 Already early men understood that a light car and a powerful engine is a good thing to combine. The obstacle associated with this strategy could still kept low cost when following this advert.
This is nice. Spot on. Simple, low weight, V8 and not to forget, cool looking. 
Basic, down to the roots hot rods and howling engines attract people of all ages. No matter if it's a Ford 32 with a hemi or a Supra at Time Attack. Horsepower and sunshine makes us all feel fine.    
There's a car for each event. But nothing is perfect. A couple of Ardun cylinder heads would makes mine and Carina's Ford -46 a better ride. It would make life more exiting and provides a better connection to where it all began...

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