Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Automotive Krankenhaus

Since The SSR Amazon was shipped the focus has been on 
neglected and not so prioritzed matters.

We have spent time in the gardens, fixing the boat and other stuff (Cars and Bikes).

When I looked around in the workshop today it became obvious...
 everything was apart, waiting for parts or on the move.
It looked like an Automotive Krankenhaus !

Carinas BMW should be fixed for the annual inspection, some lights, brakes etc.....
The week before the German Mercedes adventure Håkan got his BMW inspected.

Anders El Camino is to be updated mainly regarding front end, 
Anders wan't it to feel more modern. His vacation is ended now so he is focusing evening and weekends on the Krankenhaus.

Some internet and Summit Racing, 
2 weeks later  a big box of parts is in the work shop.

The SSR Car trailer is under treatment, all lights fixed, brakes adjusted, 
cleaned and greased......... 

Kalles Model A get some brake work and a complete overhaul 
of the front end new king pins etc.

The 69 Z28 Camaro got it's annual inspection together wit a new battery, 
some new power and ground wires to the EFI, 
the work with calibrating and geting th EFI to work good is ongoing.

The C10 got some TLC new battery and alternator since the old didn't make 
that much magic anymore. 
Celebrating with some photo shooting for a possible article in a Swedish Magazine.

The boat got a new alternator since the old got sick together with new bushings in the sea water pump, new belts etc.

What would life be without .................


On top of above the Mercedes adventure in Germany created some nursing needs on the the 450 SLC and the 350 SE......

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