Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Wait, Think, Plan and don't get worried!

Some team members are already in US, some are still in Sweden tooling their way to L.A. But all of us are thinking about our first real challenge. Which is to make a first set of test runs and as well a first test race at El Mirage September 10th.
We're all occupied with being worried about all details and constantly call each other as well as more experienced people within SCTA and the land speed community to discuss what we need to do to reach our first real goal. Should we change tires? To which tires? What have we forgotten? Where to buy what safety clothing? etc. etc.
But when you're worried the best thing to do is to distract the mind with some new input...
...like a road trip i Colorado. So we rented a Camaro SS and took off to get some insight about cool 4x4 vehicles and more.
We've learned that all these steep hills, rocky mountains and gravel roads requires a decent displacement and a big turbo...and... four wheel drive. 
When passing Gunnison we understood that there's new set of turbo tuners that starts to infiltrate the Hot Rod and Street Rod community. 
It was good to see that not all fearless machine masters are men.
Information to Swedes: No, she was not wearing a yellow safety west and she's still alive!
For those who might want to know; The Silverton train is still running and it has been doing so since the 1880 ties.  
 Another new insight, Chevy Suburban's can be used for off road sightseeing purpose. But the roof has to go...
Last but not least, when you're traveling. Do as birdwatchers do. Collect odd ball cars to your what-I-have-seen portfolio. What it is? An early man Toyota Landcruiser. Simple as that.
All of these distraction made it possible for us to, for a short period of time, not worry about our Land Speed racer.

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