Sunday, August 27, 2017

We're soon at El Mirage...but first a Tribute to Muscle cars and thier potential.

We're getting there slowly. Day-by-day, mile-by-mile, we're approaching our first real milestone. To run our Land Speed racer at El Mirage in California. But we're not there yet.
Our journey is full om car impressions and when driving the fantastic (rental) SS Camaro across US I realized that I love today's muscle cars. Modern Muscle cars and their potential. 
But what is so special with Muscle Cars? Well, to start with, even if they do take you from A to B, they are not a means of transportation. They are not either super expensive sports car either i.e. snobby, cold and out of reach. Instead they're fast, fun, emotional and affordable too. 
And as the DI V8 in our SS Camaro roars and eat up the road, people around us are making thumps-up. The handling and braking are really good to drive it. 
And it brings comfort to know that when you're in need of additional 150-200 rear wheel horsepower to the stock +400hp it can be solved fast and easy with bolt on kit from Magnuson Supercharger. But not only boost devices are available, the aftermarket is toys to these cars.
A Mustang somewhere in the west.
The Camaro, an animal that according to the (marketing-) legend hunts and eat Mustang's. Is that so?
There's always a Challenger. Now and in the past available with Hemi V8.
There's Chargers too. Could Purple Chargers produce some haze as well? Probably... 
Not only car guys and girls have understood that the greatness of Muscle Cars. 
Perhaps because it takes one to catch one? 

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