Tuesday, August 1, 2017

While waiting and dreaming...Speed up!

The Land Speed Amazon is on the Atlantic and the Salt Slush Race team is preparing mentally for dry lakes, sun and speed. But we're not there yet. We're just in waiting and dreaming mode.
But instead of just bouncing back and forward between dream and reality in lazy, hazy summer days Anders, Carina and I went on a road trip to meet up with friends in Germany.
Cina's view: Things that used to be fast should still be fast still.
At least as fast as they once were.
So we pick up our V8 Benz from the barn and jumped breakfast.
Anders washed the dust off his 450 SLC (1971) too and meet up at sunrise.
We filled up the old Benz with 96 liter gasoline and enjoyed a McMuffin & Coffee as the sun was rising.
Engine type: V8 SOHC, Grey Iron cylinder block, Aluminum heads CR=8,5, Piston cooling.
Power: 200hp
Capacity: 3,5L
Stroke: 65,8mm
Bore: 92mm
Transmission: Manual
Mileage: 277 000 km
Model year: 1975
Potential: Probably very well prepared for boosting...
That all you need to know for now.
Not Tesla alike. +40 years old cars like these can be in the fast lane (+160km/h/ 100mph) for many hours on autobahn.
Bremen old style pleasure dome. Bacchus place.
Be there or be square. Anders Mercedes 450 SLC in Rockenhausen, Germany.
Waiting for adventure was easy when Mario kept the barbecue going and the cold beer flowing.  
At some point we had to go home to take care of business at home.
But first, we have to buy some low tax essentials.
On our way back to home, we took the time to visit places with good stuff, like US parts in Osby, Sweden. A car graveyard packed with thing we like. Parts that that seams to be ready for an afterlife. On the race track?
3000 km in 5 days. Dirty, but home at bay with its revving heart still pounding strong.

Word of advice: Bring old cars out, change oil, drive them hard and have fun!

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