Thursday, September 21, 2017

Dirt, Dust & Dreams -A mirage experiance.

We're back. At least physically.
But we've left our soul in the desert.
How come?
Here's why;
The desert sun and the magic moon-a-like surface. 
The atmosphere and the amazing support from other racers and SCTA inspectors.  
The knowledge and knowhow from well known racers.  
For the easy going SCTA race administration attitude. 
For the energetic introduction to racing, sun, sand and all we needed to know.
For the exclusive tailgate sandwich dinner on the dirt.
For the medical man support that Kalle provided. Well...anyhow, it helped...somewhat...
For the cold Mirage at El Mirage. Good taste. Kept us cool.
For the relief when the boiling waiting was over and we were good to go.
For the peaceful hauling to the dusty race pit.
For the for sweat, the dust and spirit.
For the joined forces strong enough to get an Amazon on a Magnuson trailer. 
To see our racer get dirty and ready for the next step on a long journey.




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