Saturday, September 2, 2017

What have you seen my blue eyed son...

Salt Slush team members are now arriving in Los Angeles. We've ordered Good Year Land Speed race tires from Nate Jones Cowboy Tires. Our Amazon is in L.A harbor. We'll pick it up on Tuesday morning 10.00 o'clock. It will be good to see our speed machine again. So far we're on track, but we're far from a done deal. In fact, that might take years...

The El Mirage dessert is hot as hell, the time before the first race is short and there's a lot of things that needs to be taking care of before we're able to gain speed on the grey ground.

Besides planning for the week to come, Cina and I traveled the US of A. And we've...
...seen the bar at Seligman along Route 66. 
A place with heritage & history. 
We seen pale Irish bikers in pain. In pain?
We seen Carina staying close to the Camaro. And why is the top not down? 
This is why. We've seen 117deg F (47,2degC) on the dashboard when approaching Hover dam.
We've seen the amazing boiling hot Freemont Street burlesque in Down town Las Vegas. Will not be forgotten.
We've seen numerous new area American Muscle Cars.... 
...all around us...all the time. Feels good. Really good. There's hope for the future. 
We've seen amazing barn finds at Old Ford Store in San Dimas.
We've seen Street Rods from far away nearby.
We seen 4x4. Broncos, Blazers and Wrangler's
We've seen Japan Turbo fighters.
We seen sunburned Porsche...
...and tanned Karman Ghia. 
But no sign of hard rain. Hence, it's Miller Time.

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