Saturday, October 7, 2017

Rain? Autumn? Emptiness? Go find Power! Horsepowers!

The rain is pouring down and autumn leaves are falling. Meanwhile our 449 Amazon enjoys the California climate and the rustling of dry palm leaves. Simultaneously, the Salt Slush Team stoically wait for the next step on the long journey towards a speed record at Bonneville. Here´s how we cope with waiting.
We deliver big turbos to those with a crave for big power. Like the tractor pulling community. Cina is trying her best get familiar with a stand alone boost device suitable for +1600hp. 
Curiosity is always key.
When our Amazon is in the sun, Anders place and space is empty. Both nature and Anders hates the vacuum. Luckily the Big Red Camino, The El Camino, arrives on the scene.
And yes, he did mind the piano, the garage piano.

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