Friday, October 13, 2017

Men, Women and Engines, all under umbrellas...

In the desert, under the California sun, there's no Mary Poppins. Instead there are dust, decency and dreams. For women and men, for rookies and racers with routine. A place where discipline, creativity and liberty merge into magic. If you've not been there, go there or keep dreaming. The Salt Slush team is hooked. Hooked on dry lakes and land speed racing.
Hand painted hot rod as a symbol of speed reflects past and attracts future young spirit.
Back in 1969, there was only Camaro's and Charger's! Nope. There were Subaru's too. And yes, some of them were modified and got faster. Here one under shelter from the sun.  
Who's sheltered from the sun? Well, at least not this driver.
Waiting and boiling, ready to race and she's good. Shelter's provided.
Cool Rookie racer sheltered from the sun by her husband. A true team. 
Like a king towards a thrown, like Lucky Luke in the sunset we're here approaching a Rookie Run.
And we'll get back, tuned, adjusted and hungry as wolves. Hungry for the sound of boosted engines, speed and the sun that shines above umbrellas.

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