Tuesday, January 9, 2018

In the Salt Slush Zodiac...2018 is the The Year of the Engine!

When early man looked at the stars he saw signs. Basically, he saw animals and various types of early man tools. Not very surprising if you ask me. Early man perception did not allow him to see the real star signs in the sky, because those were beyond his imagination.

Salt Slush have on the other hand seen other signs and felt the influence of these Omens and those are not for our eyes only, they can be seen by all who smells oil and have a crave for speed.

Here are our signs with associated years:
1. The Year of the Engine. A Powerful, Warm and Vibrant Year. Full of Energy.
2. The Year of the Rust. A lost year, full lost hope. A dusty year.
3. The Year of the Brakes. A time to stop and reflect.

4. The Year of the Roller Bearings. A year of friction.
5. The Year of the Turbo. A year full of positive pressure, energy and flow.

6. The Year of the Supercharger. A year full of pressure and good feedback.
7. The Year of the Transmission. This year could go in any direction.
8. The Year of the Tires. A mystic year. Full of smoke.
10. The Year of the Chassis. A year full of Pro's and Con's.
11. The year of Paint. A surface only, but sparkling Year.
12.The Year of Bodywork. The sensual year, full of shapes.

Through pain and sorrow, through luck and glory, we've experienced them all. But this year feels good, because 2018 is:
The Year of the Engine
Type of Engine Year: V8

We celebrate the Engine Year with various project. Anders is building an LS V8 engine with  Magnuson charger since this engine goes well with Supercharger (besides, The Engine Year is closely related to the Supercharger and Turbo Year)
Carina and I bring good moods to old gods when building a Ardun V8 engine based on an old Ford Flathead.
Magnus, normally inclined to tune engines with less cylinders, took the Year of the V8 seriously and woke up the Buick Nailhead.

Epilogue: The Year of the Engine has just began. That feels so good. So, let the crank turn up the torque, the turbo's spin fast and the supercharges howl furiously through the night.

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