Saturday, January 6, 2018

Christmas is over. Let 2018 begin!

Cleaning is an essential part of life. Because it turns you in to a better person. But don't get me wrong. I'm not talking about swapping floors or doing the dishes. We're on another level on which we're getting rid of stress and bullshit by using the oldest of the oldest of tools. Let me explain. 
Lesson no.1: Get rid of Christmas and New Year. The discount marzipan pig here pictured represent 2017 and hence it had to go to the place were marzipan pigs go. On the marzipan funeral Makers Mark was served. Which did go well with the pig victim. 
Lesson no.2 : If you're having a party to free you mind with the purpose to make the rest to follow, bourgeoisie garage style, you've got to prepare stuff and make no mistakes. No motor oil is allowed on the serving table and always serve slow cooked prime ribs together with red wine. Or was it the opposite around? Can't remember. Never mind. Let's move on.
Lesson no. 3: Light up the piece de resistance well before the guest arrives. In technocolor. Take off the cover sheet just before the horde enter, to avoid dirt in supercharger or engine. Use a Magnuson Supercharer if possible. 
Lesson no.4: Clear your dirty mind with beer, cigarrs, friends and late night garage stories. It smoothens your soul and opens up your creative mind.

Summary: Clear mind, clean the workshop and get ready for 2018 adventures!

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