Thursday, February 8, 2018

Boosted Black Beast or Magnuson Supercharger installation Part 2

We didn't want to disturb, but we couldn't help being curios so we popped by to see how things progressed in Quinton's Custom Paint Studio. 
After a short while we realized that Quinton would not just mount the Supercharger, close his cool self made hood and hit the gas pedal. Nope. Because when some people, of the creative kind, start with something they get more ideas. I'm talking about the kind that serve as energy providers and inspiration to others. Yes, I'm talking about our customer, Quinton.
Nevertheless, at some point in time, the sun turned orange outside the studio and Quinton finally had some quality time with his Corvette and could continue with the Magnuson Supercharger installation.
Late that same evening we got these pictures. Seem like he almost ready.
Supercharger in place. Looks good. Just add the rest, a little bit of sunshine maybe a dry road and this Black Beauty, sorry, Beast will eat up the road.

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