Saturday, February 3, 2018

The road to heaven is paved with badass intentions. Part 1

Let's assume that you're a fast guy and as well an artist, who has created an evil looking black Corvette that makes a standard C6's look like a sheep. How do you go from there? 
You've already in a pact with the devil, but you want to break free. You want to reach for heaven. Performance heaven. To a place where an evil look gets transformed in to a clean cut and divined performance car. Like a bat out of hell. When the moring comes.
Quinton's badass C6 Corvette opens up for Power.
The enabler arrives. Another Magnuson Supercharger kit is ready to serve and provide what is needed.
The front is removed.
Quinton, The Surgeon, has removed what strangles a healthy engine. The stairway to heaven is in place, but we're not there yet. But paradise is-a-waiting... 

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