Saturday, February 10, 2018

Model A cannon ball, Gothenburg

In 1976 (I was 15 then) my father bougth a Ford Model A from 1928, as a father and son project. The car was in rather good condition with no rust at all, it was driveable, but in need of a restoration to make it rigth and nice to drive.

So we drove it home to Gothenburg from Växjö, a town in the middle of Småland, via my Uncles farm in Hyltebruk.
Here I'm in the drivers seat, close to my Uncle's farm.
My father shows the car for our neighbour Sven
Fast forward, it's now 1980. I graduated from high school and what could be better than to drive the model A to the examine together with my friends.
It's me in the grey suit, in the center 

Fast forward again. This winter (2017) the car got some TLC. I restored the front end and brakes, lights and repaired some other stuff, i.e. new hoses and an new engine tune (not a down load). So what could be better than celebrating this with a canon ball through Gothenburg ? 
The car in the middle of TLC, still dusty.
Today I took my 87 year old mother out for a drive together with Hakan and Carina. On my mothers request, he dressed up success, meaning in one of the hard to concur Salt Slush Racing T-shirts.
Carina guided my mother between the different editions and T-Shirt designs.
She picked the black one, a legendary design which was used at El Mirage to support our first stumbling step in land speed racing ! What could go wrong with this one?
Here by the Model A before we took it out !
Since the engine sounded crisp and strong, we made some high speed pulls along Ringön...and...still healthy...felt like we could go for a spin in the cold and dry winter.
The drive worked out just fine !

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