Saturday, March 3, 2018

Advanced Relaxing vs. Full Speed ahead before Bilsport Performanace Show....and Bonneville Salt Flats

The Salt Slush team frequently meet up to plan for the next step in our Landspeed Race dream. Right now we've all realized that we're getting closer and closer, day by day, to the next step. Which is real speed at The Salt. We'll be back in California beginning of May to do some wrenching and tuning in front of the real challenge. The Bonneville Speed Week in August 2018.
But right now we're proud to annonce that we'll be showing cool stuff at Bilsport Performance Show this Eastern and we're looking forward to see you all there!
But what's happing in our workshop? How do we relax? Here's how. We don't sleep. We don't do Yoga. We do stuff. We make things happen. That's how. Follow and you'll find yourself at ease.
Magnus soothe his soul with advance mechanic/mathematic moves.
Cina (and I ) are creating a monster. A previously non existing OHV Suffolk is coming alive(from the 60-ties) Why? Again, contemplation.
Today's focus: Ensure compression ratio north of 7. How? Nobody knows. Again, nobody. but we're working on it... 
Meanwhile, Anders is working hard with the engine management system that will control his new strong friend to be. The Magnuson equipped LS engine from hell, sorry, from Cadillac Escalade.
There's no substitute for...analysis (in order to later on get boost pressure and sense of freedom)
Think, Do, Act and keep dreaming.
Luckily there's a digital tool to support...
...and there's an engine waiting to be connected to new throttle.

Then there's Magnus and his packages with cool stuff. We love it. I bet he will build something based on what's in the box.

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