Sunday, February 25, 2018

Preparing for more Smiles per Gallon.

When I woke up this morning I understood that it'll be Soft Sunday in the Sun today. Shortly after it became clear that it was one of these days when outdoor is best from inside. Cold (-7degC/19degF) and windy. The only thing that the sun could bring was some charm and bright light.
Inside the warm Salt Slush workshop all kinds of activities were ongoing. Anders is working hard to make his LS engine take-out + Magnuson Supercharger project come true. Hopefully we'll be able to show this engine at Bilsport Performance Show this Eastern. It will never the less provide a really good Smiles per Gallon ratio (yes, we've stole that...) when it hits the road!  
Colored pasta? Nope., it's the engine wire harness. Eventually, this will work...
Bomba de Gasolina. Carina and I added a 6 volt fuel pump to the Chevy -36.  And yes, I did connect the positive cable later on and no, it's not kosher to add these kind of modern devices to a 82 year old car like this... 
...but is sure as hell helped a lot to solve problems with fuel supply.  
There was however a few drawbacks with a fuel pump shake down today. One was of them was obviously the cold wind.
When back inside again in the cosy workshop with a warm cup of coffee, Carina challenged Anders and Ragnar. Who could help her with some sheet metal work? Who could make the Suffolk hubcaps look like new again?
The Judge. The sheet metal fabricator Judge. Not happy yet. No verdict.

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