Saturday, March 17, 2018

Big or small...

There are guys and girls who're only looking for a comfortable life. While others are trying hard to do what's never been done and win what's never been won. 
Ignore the quotes and let's focus instead. How about us? How about Salt Slush Racing? Are we doing deeds?  You'll be the judge...but keep in's The Year of the Engine.
Great or small doesn't matter as long as you got good things going. After some adjustments, the Suffolk Base engine and the Honda head got a new home made valve system. Felt better than good, almost great.
Anders soon-to-howl-out-loud 6 liter V8 iron LS engine got a new start up test bench today. 
You see what I mean? Big or small, we're trying to enjoy ourselves while we're waiting for spring, summer and eventually dried out lakebeds. 
We're keeping ourselves busy while waiting for Speed. Bonneville Speed Week is only some months away....

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