Sunday, March 11, 2018

Spring is coming! There's Gasoline in the air...

We all dream about some kind of transformation. Always.
We don't know what kind of transformation, but deep in our heart we seek change.
This time of year most of us are waiting for the change from winter to spring, from idle and to full power if you know what I mean...
On our latitude, at this point in time, we're all suffering from the absence of sunlight and hence we're eating vitamins, drinking Bourbon and working hard in our workshop to keep fit. But still, we're looking forward to a change.
But there needs to be a spark to set the spring on fire. Like a big car show, like the Bilsport Performance and Custom Show this Eastern! And we'll be there to help out with the 2018 Performance Kick-Off.
We'll be showing Performance Cars, Boosted Engines, Superchargers, EFR & AirWerks and we like to meet you all out there! 
Anders is transforming a iron LS engine from mild to wild and he will be happy to tell you all about it at the show. 
Are you ready for the 10 hours in 2 min? Here's how to add another 120-250hp...makes a difference and be happy.
How does this part connect to spring and transformation? What is it? It's Carina's attempt to hot rod lawn mowing and she's got big plans... when snow is gone and the sun is shining there will be a loud and shiny Suffolks in the blistering sun tearing up the mosses.

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