Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Thanks' for sharing Motor Dreams and Project Schemes...

....with Salt Slush Racing at Bilsport Performance and Custom Show at Jönköping this Easter. We didn't talk to all 83 812 visitors (up 10 000 from last year!) but we for sure had the opportunity to talk to many of you about the stuff we really like!

We really loved to hear about and discuss your race car projects, aimed for Time Attack, Drifting, Drag racing, Track racing...your interesting engine swap projects...and your wish to upgrade good to great i.e. provide boost pressure to powerful street cars such as Mercedes C63AMG, Camaro's, Corvettes, Mustang's, Challengers,  Chargers....etc...etc...

And sure as hell...we can provide Magnuson Superchargers, BorgWarner EFR & AirWerks turbo's that will make your motor dreams come true.

After spending Easter at Bilsport Performance Show in Jönköping, Sweden, listening to all these stories, speed dreams and search for power, I'm getting closer to understand why I as a 10 year old kid, started to play around with cars and bikes and basically anything with an engine.

It's because this community is like a gigantic family that stretches from young, poor fearless enthusiasts to self confident race guys, up to experienced people with decades of knowhow from building and driving cool stuff. What they have in common? The smell of gasoline & diesel and a creative mind.

The Salt Slush Racing booth is ready. The crowed has not yet arrived. We're in good mood waiting for good things to happen. No tired legs yet....

Robin Antonsson's EFR 9180 equipped Supra looks hungry and ready to race.
Anders is proudly presenting his Magnuson Supercharger equipped LQ4/LS3 engine, soon to appear in a El Camino near him.
We could show both a C6 Corvette with a Magnuson Heartbeat and Anders engine.

Kalle and Magnus in Supercharged discussions...
...while Anders is in turbo mode just before the show closed. 

Quinton Stanfield a Airbrush artist and a Magnuson customer came by before the show opened on Monday and spread some energy! Gave us energy for the last show day. Yes at this point in time we had leg pain...but it was worth it!

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