Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Square Body of many usages! Have no doubt !

As Hakan wrote in an earlier blogg...

A heatwave is pounding on Gothenburg . By Nordic standard it's an intensive heatwave. Swedes are not too familiar with high temperature. They basically go nuts. They raise hell, set sails, get drunk, complains or dream effortless with open windows.

To avoid all that, my Mother ended up as a hell raising, drunk sailor, going nuts who effortlessly dreams about various 

We spent last Sunday running errands and doing her shopping. 

What could be a better transportation than a Big Block Squarebody? A perfect vehicle for daily shopping, and light transportation if you crave style.

You might wonder if the fuel consumption is a problem ? The truth is that the fuel consumption is not that bad!

Here's why; the brilliant first owner, who ordered this crown-of-creation pick-up truck, clicked in the the double tank option. 

On top of this I have, during the winter installed a Sniper fuel injection which improved the fuel consumption from a very solid single digit mpg to two digit mpg. It's now a strong eco cruiser now !

A state of the art Magnuson Kit on a Square Body together with my mothers Walker

Since our racing business is developing, we had to squeeze in a delivery of a Magnuson Supercharger kit to a happy (Camaro) Customer. Luckily, my Mother's walker managed to cooperate with The Kit.

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