Friday, June 22, 2018

Plannning, Planning, Planning....Bonneville Speed Week is coming up!!!

 We're soon there.
It has taken 4 years 
We spent +2000 hours.
We have formed a great team.
We have created Salt Slush Racing.
Here's a midsummer recap:
 We 've had our Land Speed Amazon approved by SCTA (with a few remarks, that it now fixed by Erik Hansson)  

We've done our first Rookie Race at El Mirage

Salt Slush Race Team went over to US to adjust the car after the Rookie race at El Mirage
We took the Amazon to the empty desert again. Only the wind was whispering…before our turbocharged tones broke the silence.
So what's the Next Step?
We're heading for Bonneville Speed Week in August this year.
But right now? 
We're in the final planning phase. So far, we've managed to get hold of four Good Year land speed race tires from Cowboy Tires. We've ordered two pair of 5 layer race suits from DJ Safety and Erik Hansson will help us with some final technical details. And yes, we've all booked our flights...


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