Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hang 'em high. Bring them down. Aim for speed. It's summer time at latitude 57!

A heatwave is pounding on the workshop door. By Nordic standard it's an intensive heatwave. Swedes are not too familiar with high temperature. They basically go nuts. They raise hell, set sails, get drunk, complains or dream effortless with open windows.
That's the Nordic community, with few exceptions. 
While all this is going on and the workshop doors are slammed by summer breeze….
...Anders Supercharged V8 LS Motor is hanging high waiting for a place called home.   
The sun is blazing but Anders is lowering his modified power pack down to a  safe heaven. To a place where the Beast can provide….Power.  
Meanwhile, Annikas' white german asparagus had to consumed. Couldn't wait. Even on a Thursday. In addition, we enjoyed Ragnar, proud as a pilot, presenting a speedometer worthy his supersonic soon-to-be, low sniffing Saab.
Yes. It's a 2-Stroke. A wild one.
Besides. The asparagus was good.The beer was cold.
Summary: All good on the urban roof top.
Anders, over the hills and (not so fuck'n) far away.

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