Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Ardun. Milling, Drilling & Dreaming.

Following short text might be confusing and complicated to some people, even more strange to others people and totally incomprehensible to some other people.

If you're a sensible person who cannot cope with illogical reasoning you better stop reading now.  For your own good. For your mental health.

Here we go.
As you know we're really spending our last dime on making our Landspeed dream come true and we're ready for Bonneville Speed Week. We'll be there with our Amazon. We're into the final planning and exited to say the least. A lot of things still needs to be solved. Tires, Tailor made 5 layer race suite etc. etc.

But still, in order to not get too stressed, we all try to calm down with more private projects of rather complicated nature. Carina and I are working on our Ardun V8 (converting an old Ford flathead V8 to an OHV Hemi V8), while Anders is working on a LS engine swap (with Magnuson Supercharger) in his El Camino. Magnus is building a old school dragster and Kalle is trying to get his boat fast again. But make no mistakes, we're always open for a turbo or supercharger discussion.  Makes sense? Nope. Fun & Knowledge building? You bet!
Here's what's going on with the Ardun V8 engine to-be. I've milled off the relives, the cylinders are bored and honed to dimension. Looks good. Feels good. 
Ross in Califorina made tailor made pistons which fits the 4 inch stroke flathead with Ardun heads and suitable compression ratio. 
When in US, I drove over to Egges Machinery and bought new bearings. And yes, they had 2nd oversize main and crank bearing for the 255 Flathead on the shelves. I like that. How difficult can it be?

We're almost done now. We just have to buy cylinder heads, camshaft, conrods and fuel system and...and...
Outside the -46 is waiting for a new and stronger machine. 
Summary: Keep a couple of projects going at the same time. It makes you more productive. As a bonus, there's no time to dwell around do nothing and that keeps you alert on the verge to crazy.

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