Saturday, July 14, 2018

Because we love Boosting...We love Magnuson Superchargers!

Some of our Magnuson customers like it all to be hidden, some like to show where the brutal power comes from.
Our view? We're neutral. We love sleepers and those who want to make a no-kidding-type of-statement. 
Our only mission is to provide immediate drivable torque, power and as well a huge potential for serious power for those with crave for MORE. 
Camaro with a Magna Charger. Our customer didn't like GM's cylinder deactivation feature. When that was out of the picture the customer was happy. No remarks about performance…
The coolest and most complex installation so far.
The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT 6.4 MY 2015.
 Yes, the Magnuson Supercharger was a game changer.
The reward; From Wild to Ferocious.

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