Monday, July 16, 2018

The Factory? Or just any Sunday at Ringön, Gothenburg...?

The Team has a Van. A Chevy Van.
The concern: You need a hammer in addition to the key to start it. Other than that it runs just fine.

The advantage: You can Cadillac it down the road. In comfort. It runs great in the any speed of your liking. It has a sloppy 305 V8 engine that's humming low. Smooth and Quietly.
Red and white on the surface.
But with a burning red plush interior from factory inside.
Best Texas whorehouse style.
Before we bought the Chevy Van we had VW bus.
Which was grey inside.
 Like a German office. 
The swap felt refreshing. 
But there's always a but. 
Like when a failed starter motor... 
... serves just like a group activity.
Our Ringö neighbor, a reasonably famous artist, who has a substantial dog, came by to which us luck. The dog was full. Just hade a meal. Felt good.
While our other garage friend took off with his stuff to a, for us, new unknown destination. We'll miss him.
Eventually, the Van the Man needed no hammer. It now starts like dream every time the key is turned. Ready to cruise on open roads with storys telling friends. 
 Meanwhile life goes around all around us. At Ringön, Gothenburg.

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