Sunday, July 1, 2018

Enjoy the Summer and Drive!

There's a bumper sticker with following statement;  Life's too short to drive boring cars. If you would add how short the Swedish summer is, then you'd better take this serious.
So, go to your garage, open up the door, take a deep breath and inhale the fumes of freedom. You can see the freedom machine of your liking standing there. Seconds seems like forever as you absorb The Machine once again. You put yourself in position on or in your favorit ride. Life's good. You conclude that the winter work has paid off.
So you fire up up the engine. You feel the engine vibrations and the soft jerk as the vehicle get in gear. Then comes a nice mixture of freedom, exitment and a grain of anxiety. 
There're new kids on the block. Who like cool stuff. Here's one of them, Hampus. It's Cina's nephew, posing on his moped. Yes, I test drove. Was good. Felt fine.
Here's Cina, Hampus aunt, with her favorite ride.
Yes, Cina took this picture…. 
There's a After Drive moment as well. When you're totally relaxed and feel at ease.  
Doctor's preform routine screening. Car guys do that too. 
To connects to the engine prior to a ride.
Provides piece of mind
Keep you eyes on the road hands upon the wheel and RIDE!

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