Thursday, August 2, 2018

Dreaming is over, we're in the brutal reality. Day 1 in US...

Before we left Sweden, Carina stated; 
-We'll be spending the first two days working on the old big block Burb.
I ignorde her negativism and gave our the team Cassandra a realistic answer;
- Don't you worry, it ran perfectly when we parked it. In April...         
So here we are outside Magnuson Superchargers in California. Anders and I are investigating...a minor water leakage...  
One hour later. Anders and I are changing a water hose.  Yes, Carina took the picture.
1.5 hour later. We managed go change the hose, just to realize that it was the coolant pump that was leaking and not the hose. We left the Burb at Pep Boy Service station in Ventura and went to our hotel. We'll pick it up on Thursday. Hopefully sealed and dry. Yes, Carina took the picture. 

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