Saturday, July 28, 2018

While dreaming about Bonneville Speed Week...

When you in slumber, in no man's land, between dream and reality, your mind is levitating and anything could go in any direction. In this creative mode you're waiting for
The Wake up Call.
If the time in wonderland was alright, you normally don't feel the urge to wake up, but if you've been reaching for the unreachable and never get there, the morning light feels good. Really good. 
So what's this all about?
Have we all gone mad?
We're just waiting for
The Race with capital letter and the epic adventure to begin.
Our flights to be announced
Soon we'll be wide awake.
Meanwhile...Annika Wangnik created art on Carina's part washer.
She has not signed it. Yet.
Still, priceless. 
Carina planted various green stuff outside Salt Slush Racing establishment, where green stuff is growing and the Salt Slush Racing Amazon was built.
The hanging garden of Ringön a homage to the Gods of Speeds. 
 As temperature was raising outside, our -36 Chevy was serving as a vehicle of dreams.
But before showing up in dreams…
….brake caliper were in need of some TLC reality.
Eventually it all paid of.

When the Salt Slush workshop was all heated up, we woke up sweating just to realize that we still were in dreaming mode.
But we'll not stay in this condition for long.
Because soon all flights to US of A has taken off and we need to leave our mental ground and get ready to make our Bonneville Land Speed Racing dream come true.
 The time for dreaming is over.
It's time get real.

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